Job Movie Project Results Are In

The voting was CLOSE.  Every one of the nine movie proposals got some votes, and both winners won by a margin of ONE VOTE.  (Yes, you Floridians, I’ve already recounted.)  I’m not going to post the titles here yet, as I’m going to announce them during our last class tomorrow morning, but both winners deserve their prizes.

On the comps front, I’m now in review mode.  I still have one play left to read, but Friday’s project, along with grading portfolios, is going to be the beginning of a timeline in which I situate all the poems and plays and treatises and essays and sermons I read for comps.  Then I’m going to take that list and start writing brief, one-or-two-sentence treatments of all the texts so that I can have something to look at those tense nights before the exams.  I’m going to get this done, and I’m going to pass these exams.  Look out, world!



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3 responses to “Job Movie Project Results Are In

  1. Those last declarations remind me of Rodney Dangerfield in Back to School.

  2. I’ve actually not seen that one. But I’ll take your word for it at the moment.

  3. You’re missing out. Blow off that last play and watch a work of true genius.

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