Short Order Homiletics

I got a call from Jan, my preacher’s wife, last night.  Marv, our preacher, was in a car wreck.  No major injuries, but his physician suggested that he take it easy for a few days.  So in steps the pinch preacher.

I’ve got an outline based on tomorrow’s epistolary lectionary text, 1 Peter 2:2-10.  I normally preach the Old Testament lesson when I can, but this is one of those squirrelly weeks when the “Old Testament” reading is Acts, and if I don’t go with the OT, I usually go for the gospel reading, but this week is from John’s Last Supper scene, which is actually less narrative-feeling than a Pauline epistle.  So I decided to take the 1 Peter passage, in which the letter reminds the congregation that they are living in a God-renewed world by means of reinterpreting about half a dozen Old Testament passages.  In the course of recasting Genesis and Exodus and Hosea and the Psalms, 1 Peter uses the raw materials of the Hebrew text, seeing in them the new meaning that Christ adds.  In other words, it’s a textbook sensus plenior reading.

Now I’m not going to use that pretentious Latin phrase tomorrow morning, but I am going to remind the congregation again and again that we become a new creation by returning to ancient texts.

Oh, and I also have to get my Sunday school lesson on Ephesians 3-4 ready.  I’m taking that group on a three-week boogie through that letter of Paul, and so far, the class has received the material well.  The first handout is already available under the “Sunday School” tab up top, and the next will be available as soon as I revise it until I’m happy teaching with it.


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