Halfway to Liberty

Twenty papers down, fifteen to go.  I went well over the halfway mark yesterday, and providing that nothing drastic comes up this afternoon, I should be able to close within half a dozen papers or so of the finish line for paper 4.  Next Wednesday portfolios come due, and when I finish those, Spring 2008 is over.

Then there’s just those comprehensive exam things…



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3 responses to “Halfway to Liberty

  1. Comps:
    If you study your ass off for the remaining time and pass them all, that’ll be great, but pretty typical.

    But, if you blow off the remaining material, wing it, and still pull it off, then it will be a major highlight in you career, a coup of sorts.

    The only way to give yourself the opportunity for a W of this magnitude is to stop studying.

    Just sayin’.

  2. W indeed. A bit too much like W, if I might say so.

  3. I resent that the noble W has been so besmirched.

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