Evan Almighty, my new movie-I-know-but-haven’t-seen

I’ve now graded three different Evan Almighty papers from my freshmen. It’s joined Veggie Tales and Michelangelo as the most popular topics for paper four, whose basic assignment is to write about some artifact based directly upon a Hebrew Bible text. On one level I think that I should see it just in case I get more when I teach this class next year. On the other hand, the papers haven’t made me want to watch it any more. The papers have been fine papers as freshman papers go; the movie just sounds silly.

[Update: I’ve also continued to get papers about Caravaggio’s wonderful Baroque paintings of Hebrew Bible scenes, most often the Sacrifice of Isaac and David and Goliath.  I still think that if his mysterious death in 1610 wasn’t a case of somebody getting “disappeared,” I don’t know what is.  Caravaggio was a man easily as dangerous as Galileo or Milton intellectually, and I love his work precisely for that.]


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