Coming Soon: The Job Movie Project

The presentations start Thursday, and my students are scrambling to get presentations together.  This year I’ve thrown two twists into the old project.  First, and most importantly, the Job Movie Project is for a grade this time.  I’ll be taking notes during the presentations, and a tenth of their semester grade will be on the line.  Second, each class will vote for the Job movie that ought to become a real movie.  The group in each class that wins the election will receive a one-percent boost to each member’s semester grade.  Some of them thought that such a boost would not be a big deal, but others realized that in UGA’s new plus-minus system, a system in which each discrete grade mark might occupy only a three-percent range, one percent could mean a great deal.

At any rate, around this time next week look for updates on some of my own favorites, and on April 23 look for the winning ideas.


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