I must admit that I’m nigh unto fanboy spasms.

I was disappointed at first, upon buying Madden 07 on ebay for a dollar, that Demario Minter, whom I taught in my freshman comp class at UGA in 2003, was not on Cleveland’s roster.

I was surprised, but not at Minter’s bad luck.  In the world outside of my hard drive, Demario unfortunately sustained a season-ending knee injury and is now, according to wikipedia, on Arizona’s practice squad.

But while fishing for a backup CB in the free agent listings, I fortuitously stumbled upon my old student.  Apparently he and Cleveland hadn’t reached their deal yet when Madden 07 hit the shelves.

So tomorrow I start my franchise over, and in the new Madden time/space distortion my son Micah will play alongside my former student Demario, and together they’ll take the boys in blue to digitized glory!

Demario, if you’re out there, you’ll always be on my All-Madden team.


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