Preachers Angry with the Country? Call the Papers!

Pastor Problems Afflict All Three Presidential Candidates

I’m sure folks have been saying these things since the Jeremiah Wright scandal started to dominate the airwaves, but this little piece seemed a concise and articulate take on the matter.   I’ve not spent much time around black preachers, but some of the white preachers I know, even though they wave their flags on the Fourth of July, are not averse to circumlocutions that condemn “today’s culture” or “the elites” in less theatrical ways than Wright but that do not differ much in content.  I’m not sure which box I’ll check in November (I voted for Huckabee in the Georgia primary), but I do know that the sudden anxiety about church and state is one of the strangest things I’ve heard from the AM radio crowd.  After twenty years (that I can remember–I’m still a young pup) of “take the country back,” all of a sudden they get all secular when it’s someone else’s Jeremiah condemning those who would cry “Peace” when there is no peace.

That’s all I’ve got to say about that.  I realize that now I’m part of the blogosphere’s surge of posts about Obama and his pastor, and that irony does not escape me, but eventually I had to write something.



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10 responses to “Preachers Angry with the Country? Call the Papers!

  1. The John Hagee comparison cracks me up. Unless, John McCain was a member of his church (doesn’t even have to be 20 years) then that comparison needs to be thrown in the toilet immediately. This is a huge problem for Obama. Liberals and Democrats don’t seem to care very much but it looks to me that he will be taking a hit with the independents. Obama has been going to racist church for 20 years now. I would think that most people would leave a church like that. Not only that, but Rev. Wright (no relation) 🙂 isn’t just his pastor but he is a close friend and mentor to Obama. He is blatant support for Obama from the pulpit is another thing. If that happened in a conservative church people would be filing lawsuits and trying to have that churches tax exempt status revoked…the whole thing really comes down to the many double standards that are alive and well.

  2. That this will hurt Obama’s political prospects only reflects the ignorance of a bunch of people concerning American Christianity. That people are unaware that the Civil Rights Movement and the Culture War have been invoking divine judgment upon America for the last fifty years is a sad commentary upon our historical ignorance.

    Honestly, I have no idea who John Hagee is. All I know is that everyone from Malcolm X to Jerry Falwell has been calling down God’s condemnation on America since the fifties, and that people are shocked at it in 2008 baffles me.

  3. John Hagee is real big into dispensationalism and end-times stuff. I’m sure if you saw a pic of him you’d recognize him.

    The reason I think people are making a big deal about Rev. Wright isn’t because he’s talking about God’s judgement of America but because he’s racist or at least screaming racist (and crazy) stuff from the pulpit. He’s put stuff in their bulletin that was written by Hamas, calls America US of KKK A, says white invented AIDS and crack and put them into black areas, and on and on and on…

  4. I actually heard Hagee named when I was running the library’s newspapers to the recycling center today. I was listening to our local Republican/evangelical radio station (the same one on which I catch my Jim Dobson and Jay Sekulow), and I heard that he was leading a trip to Israel soon.

    I actually hadn’t heard about the Elijah Muhammad stuff. I’d heard on Hannity that he gave some award to Farrakhan, but the hubbub on Fox News has been about the “God D**n America” line. I think in the space of a week I must have walked by a dozen Fox News-tuned TV’s with that clip running.

    Frankly, when Augusto Pinochet died and I heard absolutely zero from the right other than a laudatory eulogy from Thatcher, I lost yet a bit more of my ability to take conservative politics seriously. At least the Dems have the sense not to affiliate themselves with Castro any more. I think that when national candidates get announced and official platforms get revised on the web, I’m going to cast another vote for education this time around–whoever casts No Child Left Behind into the lowest circle of the Inferno gets my vote. (That was Nader in 2008, but Obama looks like he’s anti-NCLB right now, in the primary phase of things.)

    I used to be a one-issue abortion voter, but we’re coming up on thirty years of the Reagan era, and as of yet not a peep about legislating that Constitutional amendment they’ve been promising. As far as I’ve read, nobody’s even written the legislation. They’ll write laws to make sure gays can’t get health insurance, but they won’t actually move on abortion. Education at least changes when new administrations come in.

    With regards to double-standards, I’ll wait to see what happens when Robertson or one of his ilk endorses McCain. I know that there was virtually zero fallout when Robertson endorsed Giuliani (more of a collective head-scratch), but the stakes weren’t as high at that point. I know that nobody (that I read) made a big deal when McCain donned the robes and spoke at Bob Jones, but again I don’t think the stakes were that high.

  5. I’m not saying that you should be a one issue voter but we haven’t been this close to having a conservative majority on the Supreme Court as long as I can remember. The life amendment won’t mean much if the Supremem Court says it’s unconstitutional. That’s why Roe v. Wade needs to be overturned first. We are one conservative SC justice away from being able to make that happen. The next President will appoint atleast one. If Obama becomes President he will appoint another Ruth Bader Ginsburg and we maight have to wait another 25 years to get this opportunity again. Besides that Barack Obama is one of the most pro-choice politicians out there. I know you might like Human Events but give these a quick read:

    Obama’s resisitance to the Babies Born Alive act is just inexcuseable, imo.

  6. (Meant to say that I know that you might NOT like Human Events…)

  7. Btw, Nader is running this year…so if you’re gonna go with who is the most anti-NCLB then I urge you to go with him over Obama. 🙂

  8. With regards to SC justices, seven of the current nine were nominated by Republicans and six by Reagan or one of the Bushes. I’m not convinced.

    With regards to the legislature, the Republicans had control of it for twelve years, and not once did I hear a peep about a Constitutional amendment.

    You’re right that Nader is anti-NCLB, but he was the only anti-NCLB candidate in ’04. This time there might be options. Don’t worry, though; I live in Georgia, which seems every cycle to be in a race with Indiana to turn red first.

  9. Some of the justices nominated by Repubs were not conservative though. That’s why conservatives want to make sure that candidates promise to nominate justices in the mold of Thomas, Scalia, Alito, and Roberts. I think they’ve learned by their mistakes…conservative voters won’t let them forget.

    On the amendment, there is no need to try and ram through an amendment that the SC would deem unconstituional. That’s why conservatives need to reach that magiv number of fove to get a majority on the SC. I think that Roe v. Wade will need to be overturned before there can be a life amendment passed.

    Also, Obama’s position on abortion and very extreme position on the babies born alive act disqualifies me from ever voting for him.

  10. Also, I will add this…look what happened when Bush tried to nominate Miers. Grassroots conservatives wouldn’t stand for it and he had to go more conservative. McCain has promised to stick with the Alito, Roberts, Scalia, Thomas mold. For him to go against that would kill him politically.

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