Almost Finished

I’ve got about seven more papers to grade in this set, and I’ll be done once again (until April 8, that is).  As often happens with the third paper, some folks rose to the challenge and wrote really great research essays, and others gave me summaries of Bible stories without much of a thesis.  The average score still hovered around the mid-eighties, but the spread widened on the upper and lower ends.

Now the task at hand is to reconstruct my proposal for my Plato and Boethius freshman comp class.  Because my luck runs feast and famine, I old jump drive disappeared and my hard drive crashed within a couple months of each other, and although I have recovered a good eighty percent of what I had on both, the proposal for that course happens to be in the remaining twenty percent.  So, just in case I can’t land a sophomore literature survey next fall (and just in case I’m teaching some comp and some lit), I’m going to go ahead and propose that course.

I’m meeting with Dr. Medine this week to discuss comps questions, and I feel confident that I’ll be able to prepare for them in the next seven weeks or so.  I can almost see past that giant mountain, though for just under two more months, my first job remains to climb it.


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