Grading Papers Deadens my Soul

I’ve now finished all but the marginal papers for the second round of freshman comp assignments.  (Why the marginal ones are marginal I can’t post here.)  As a group the papers weren’t bad, and a few really showed some acumen connecting the conventions and the content of particular Psalms and lyric poems.  But all the same, having to shift gears every five pages, and having to offer suggestions that actually help each writer with what that writer needs to improve, and assigning numbers that will draw neither the wrath of front office nor of of the students, is hard work.

Tomorrow morning I’ll release the scores to them on the course web site, and I’m sure that I’ll get a couple who will complain, but at this point in the game I really don’t even get too much of that.  (Such things have lessened every year that I’ve taught; I must be getting good at something.)

Then tonight, when Micah is down for bed and I can slip away from my visiting in-laws, I get to start writing that sermon.  Yipers.


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