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A sixth grader in my neighborhood was selling magazine subscriptions for a school fund raiser back in late November, and being the sucker that I am for supporting public schools, I bought a one-year subscription to WIRED.  I subscribed to it in similar circumstances back in 2000 or so, and I’m not disappointed with my return.  The February issue showed up in the mail yesterday.

WIRED is sort of the anti-Harper’s.  Where Harper’s requires the kind of sustained, attentive reading that literature requires.  WIRED is more akin to  a series of blog entries, few pieces going more than four pages and most covering one page or less.  The writers are self-consciously hip, which I don’t mind so long as they’re not passing judgment on me, and the wit has an Internettish flavor, but the writers obviously have more brains than an average Farker.

So in the space of about twenty minutes last night, as I was waiting for Micah to settle in for bed, I read brief pieces on the relationship between the Internet’s supposed relativization of location and the climbing gap in real estate values between the big cities and the small towns; a piece exploring the web-savvy of Ron Paul; and a piece on advances in fast-exposure photography.

Fun stuff.


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