Famous to Fifteen People

After a slow Christmas break, my blog suddenly got a whole mess of hits the last couple days. Since I hadn’t written anything particularly good here since I got back to Georgia, and since the only comment I’ve gotten is on a post from November, I decided to backtrack some of the hits.

I found this conversation on the Ooze.

Once again I welcome those who would come to the Ooze to read here: feel free to read often, post comments, and disagree with what I write here. As I said in the posts that are getting so much attention, I have fond memories of the folks Ooze and no hard feelings. Moreover, I encourage folks who are beginning to explore the interactions between critical theory, post-evangelicalism, and creative traditionalism to go there, make friends, and explore those ideas. My departure was not a gesture against the board but a move I needed to make for my own soul.

I do have to confess that I’m flattered by the attention; I’m realizing more and more that on the Internet, everyone is indeed famous for fifteen people. I think my fifteen are better than most people’s, but that’s probably just my ego talking. 🙂

BTW, check out the “Pop Stars? Nein Danke!” link above. It’s a really fun little essay, and for being written in 1991, it predicts iTunes and the fall of popular culture in a William-Gibsonesque fashion.


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