iPods and Public Libraries

It occurred to me this morning (early as it is, so don’t take this too seriously) that the people in my life who own iPods rarely talk about public libraries, and the people who visit public libraries, as far as I know, don’t own iPods.  I’m not suggesting anything as facile as David Brooks’s red state/blue state divide (even tired I’m not that ham-fisted); I’m just reflecting on what I’ve seen this Christmas season.

We left Greensburg, PA a little after eleven last night and got back to Mark’s place well after midnight, and even so everyone insisted that we were going to meet up for breakfast at eight thirty this morning.  Apparently it was all an elaborate joke on me; as I sit here at 6:30 AM sponging the neighbors’ Internet, I’m the only soul awake.  By my early morning calculations, there are six shower-taking adults, four young children, and one dog still not ready to roll, and four of the adults, one child, and the dog ostensibly should be packed up and ready to roll for Romney, WV by that 8:30 launch time.

I should have known they were only talking big.


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