Another Good Day, and a Resolution

The whole Burd clan got together for some Christmas light viewing tonight, and Wheeling’s Oglebay Park did not disappoint.  Once again, pictures will be coming at the beginning of the year.

Looking at my weekly schedule for next semester, I think that I can reasonably take down three plays a week for the semester’s run and have around eighty in my quiver for comps.  My slogan for the semester is going to be thus: If I ain’t read a play, I don’t call it a day.  I’ve also got to schedule this thing, but that can wait, I think.

As I updated my CV over this break, I came to realize that I can teach all kinds of undergrad classes if the need is there.  Once again my frustration is that the comprehensive exams just aren’t as comprehensive as my interests; in my heart I don’t want to specialize, but this semester I’ve got to make myself.

Onward, Gilmour!

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