The Check is in the Mail

Maybe not, but the semester is over at any rate.

I’ve tucked my freshmen’s grades away in the registrar’s computer, and I’ve got next semester’s classes loaded into WebCT. Now I can study, clean, pack, and perhaps even relax a bit between now and our Christmas trip. Amazingly enough, I dusted off an entire act of Ben Jonson this morning without despairing that I’ll ever pass my comps (I was still looking at footnotes after every other line, but I wasn’t feeling too bad about that), and I’ve got Dr. Medine’s reading list more or less squared away. Next semester I can focus on my Anglo Saxon class, reading more plays, and reviewing my Renaissance Literature Exclusive of Drama, and in May I just might pass these darn exams!

That’s the plan, anyway. For now I’m going to pick up my last paycheck for the semester and deposit hard copies of my grades with the English department, finish up the last thirty pages or so of Gilgamesh, and decide whether I want to take Malory’s Morte d’Arthur (pardon the sp) or Sagas of Icelanders on our trip. Either one stands to have lots of swords and such, just the thing I need after a semester of heavy literature studies.

I do wonder sometimes what the medievalists use to detox. I’ll have to ask one some time.

And for your enjoyment, here are some Micah pics:

Christmas Season Happenings 2007

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