Just got my grade report back for the semester, and I got a solid A in my religion seminar. My cumulative graduate GPA at UGA is now 3.99, all solid A’s except for that A minus in Old English. Before that, in seminary, it was all solid A’s except for an A minus in third semester Greek and a B plus in fourth semester Greek. Ah, well. I’d rather know the languages I know than have a 4.0 if I’m honest.

And yes, I did update my CV page, not only with the new cumulative GPA but also with a section on teaching and research interests.   Look on my CV, ye mighty, and I’ll despair! 🙂



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2 responses to “3.99

  1. Your post made me go and see if my grades for this semester were posted and sure enough they were… for this semester, I rolled out a pairs of A’s. That brings my cumulative GPA for LCS to 3.74. I transferred in a B minus in that Bible class that I took at Emmanuel that I might retake because it’s killing my GPA. But I thought I would come over and brag a little bit…

  2. Would that be Old Testament Introduction with Owens?

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