One down, One to go

I’m now at the halfway point on portfolios, having graded twenty and having twenty yet to grade. I have to have these little boogers to the next teacher by Tuesday at 6:00, so I’m on a great pace.

I’ve also got my revised Tuesday-Thursday syllabus done for Hebrew Bible and/as Literature in the fall.  My students are going to be reading like crazy, but they’ll have their portfolios in the can with only revision needed when their comrades are scrambling to get the job done.  Per my students’ end-of-semester suggestions, I’ve scheduled a second round of group conferences, this one for the reflective portfolio introductions.  I figure with only one class to wrap up, I should be able to make that happen, and if I play my cards right, that’ll actually mean more revision time if I get a draft of my Anglo-Saxon paper done as I should.

I know, I know. Another end-of-semester checklist post. Deal with it.


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