I’ve crossed the ten-mark, and I’m chugging along.  The prose is typical freshman comp stuff; I’ve done as good a job as I’ve done in the past on the technical end of things.  On the revision exhibits, I really think I’ve either got a very talented group, or I’ve finally learned how to teach revision.  They’re really digging into each other’s ideas, not just surface, convention-level stuff.  I suppose my spring semester classes will bear the truth out.



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2 responses to “Portfolios

  1. Hey man…
    Quick question for you that has nothing to do with this post… apparent and obvious hijack… do you have any contact with any of the Girgwood boys from our Milligan days??? I’ve got a former student who is considering going into the ministry in a business manager/treasurer/accountant position and was looking for some advice. If my memory serves me correctly, that was what Dave was heading into…


    P.S. We’ll have to figure out our Christmas schedule so we can get together for some Steak n Shake or something…

  2. I haven’t kept in touch with either Girdwood, unfortunately.

    With regards to Christmas, look for an email some time today.

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