Cranking Out the Prose

I’ve gotten my draft of Medine’s paper up to seven pages, and I’ve not yet cracked the Calvin section, potentially the longest.  When people say that writing is a habit, they’re right–since I started this blog I’ve been producing pages of prose faster than ever, and since I started blogging frequently, I’ve gotten even faster.

I used to say that blogs were for self-indulgent attention fiends, and I still think that.  It is in fact gratifying to know that every few days, ten to twenty people look on this site to see what I’m thinking.  (I appreciate ye, O readers!)  But beyond that gratification, my own experience bears out that generating prose every day has intelligible benefits in the drafting of papers.  That’s not to say that my drafts are worth reading, but in addition to writing here, I also teach college freshmen to revise papers.  So as it turns out, my own weekly activity gears me up quite nicely to turn out documents.

Now back to turning out those documents…


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