Near-Fatal Stupidity

I was driving along the Atlanta Highway on my way to campus today (no, this is not going to be a “Love Shack” reference), and I was passing through one of the still-wooded corridors between Bogart and Athens.  The speed limit being 55, I was driving about 54.  (I’m a slow driver.)  All of a sudden, without really doing a standard see-react-respond sequence that I can remember, I swerved away from a mass on the side of the road.  As my memory caught up with my reptile-instincts, I realized that a surveying team was marking off the land.  Not a problem; likely they were measuring out plots for some kind of building.  But the man who was standing inches away from fast-traveling vehicles was wearing camouflage pants and a deer-hunting jacket.  He had no reflective material on his body.  So as I cooked by (at legal speeds) in a vehicle that could kill him instantly, he blended into his surroundings until the last second.

So save for some relatively quick reflexes on my part, he very well could have been a projectile as he stepped out onto the road.

No overarching point here; people like that are just stupid.


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