Howdy, Oozers.

linda (reflection at posted some comments on my blog recently (thank you, linda!), and having peeked in without logging on, I see she’s also posted notice that I’ve indeed left theooze’s message boards. So much is true. I also see that I’m getting some links here from my old blogspot site (the one on my ooze profile).

So, assuming that linda’s post Saturday is driving some of my newfound readership today, I welcome ye oozers, and I hope you bookmark me here and read on occasion!  I hope that you’ll feel as free to comment here as you did on my ooze posts; what I write here is hardly the last… wait.  I think I’ve got an idea for the blog’s title!

BTW, if you search for “ooze” in the search bar in the upper-right-hand corner of the opening page, you can read some of my reflections (pun not intended, but you’re free to enjoy it) on my three-year run and recent departure from the message boards. (I still plan to write articles for the site on occasion.)


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