Late Movies

Several months behind the general public, I took in Spider-Man 3 (on DVD) and Ratatouille (at the dollar theater) this weekend.  This marks the first time that Micah’s been in a movie theater from the beginning of a movie to the end.  The Pixar flick wasn’t bad but not as good as Cars or Toy Story.  The Spidey sequel just felt like a sequel, self-referential but amusing at moments.  Once again I come away thinking that HBO is just doing things better these days than are the movie studios.  By far the best stuff that I’ve watched on our regular TV screen (no plasma for the Gilmour house) in the last week has been DVD’s of The Wire.



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2 responses to “Late Movies

  1. Dude…
    I clobbered you this weekend in the fantasy league… too bad its too late for me to be able to do anything playoff-wise… after 11 weeks… i finally got it figured out and got a team that i would actually win with…

    oh well… it was fun while it lasted.


  2. Yeah. I should have looked at who Cincinnati was playing–so much of my team’s success is predicated on their offense. And when Plaxico Burress and Antonio Gates also tanked in the same week, that pretty much took away all of my big-point players. Perhaps the Pats defense can make the showing a bit more respectable tonight.

    I think I’m still the favorite for the wild card, if indeed our league has a wild card. With two lucky weeks I could be playing for all the cookies…

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