Santa Claus Has Come to Town

At least that’s how I feel now that I’ve compiled grades for the semester’s last paper.  Very high average.  I do think that this group is talented, but the scores still seem high.  Ah, well.  I’m not going to be doing freshman comp at UGA for much longer if I don’t irk the wrong people, and once one leaves that program, the push towards a bell curve and “norming” (i.e. boosting the department’s reputation for rigor by sacrificing freshmen rather than English majors) seems to disappear.

Now all that remains for me is to write that draft of my religion paper, grade portfolios when they come in Wednesday night, and try to tear off an epic run of December studying once my obligations for this semester are over.  I’ve decided that I’m going to keep reading epics over Christmas.  In 2005 I read Mandelbaum’s translation of the Aeneid and in 2006 Fagles’s of the Iliad.  This trip I’m planning to take along Gardner’s translation of Gilgamesh.  Since at that point I’ll have traveled too far backwards to pick up anything earlier, I’m thinking about something Northern European for 2008.  But I’ve got some months to work before that happens.


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