The Drudgery Part

I’m down to the letter S in my freshman comp papers. Now that does not account for those students whose papers I skipped on the way down, either because they turned the papers in late or because they expressed no will to use paper four in their final portfolios. But nonetheless, an afternoon of hard grading should put me within striking distance of finishing up regular grading for the semester. Then I’ll only have my paper for religion class and more comps work to do before we take off for Indiana.

I’ve decided that I’m using the month of December not to polish up a paper for publication but for play-reading. I’ve been treating my comps too much like a side project; they need to be my unswerving focus. I’m going to take that time to put the plays I’ve read in my play notebook, take down at least ten more plays, and to keep plodding away towards my exams. My theology and literature reading I’m happy with; I’ve read all but five of the books on my list (plus the second half of Institutes, admittedly), and I’ve got a good enough sense of the land that I can understand with some acuity what’s going on in Renaissance prose pieces.

My fall semester almost over, I look forward to the home stretch of studying. As I get closer I feel better about my odds of passing them in May. I suppose that should be the way one feels as one approaches them.


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