Lazy Industry

I admit that, although I’m not going to miss much about the grad student life (no money, no respect, too much work, not enough time), I do dig sitting in coffee shops drafting term papers.  When I land at a college somewhere, I hope it has a coffee shop.  Faculty offices are good for what they’re good for, but I like watching people go by.



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2 responses to “Lazy Industry

  1. Where are you thinking about applying?

  2. I’ve got a year or so before I have to worry about that, but my answer is pretty much everywhere advertising for my range of expertise, at least everywhere in the area I’m living right now (that is, within a reasonable commute of the house I already own), the mid-South (Tennessee and Virginia), and the midwest (Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia). I might apply outside that area as well, but right now I’d like to move closer to family, not farther away, and since I hope to teach at a small college rather than a large university, I have more flexibility in that respect.

    BTW, the first part of my Horowitz review just went online at CRM. I did the Preface and the first two chapters, and I reckon I’ll end up doing three parts, each covering two chapters of the book.

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