The Ooze: Historical Flux, Squishy Practice

My presentation went well today, so well that Dr. Medine suggested that I write up my findings and submit it for presentation at next year’s American Academy of Religion meeting. She said today that nobody has really done much scholarly-wise connecting the accreditation of Bible colleges, the pulpit-university tensions of the last quarter of the twentieth century, and the rise of places like the Ooze. I think I might just take her up on that–to give a paper at THE big national conference of an organization as big as AAR would be phenomenal. I’m certainly planning to keep in touch with Dr. JM and work on that project.

[edit: I promised this morning to upload those presentation handouts, and they should now appear on this post.]

Presentation Handout 1

Presentation Handout 2

Freshman comp was a pretty typical revision day: the good groups revised for sixty full minutes, and the groups without as much oomph were done in thirty. Such discrepancies often play out when I mark up the papers.



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4 responses to “The Ooze: Historical Flux, Squishy Practice

  1. So how did those handouts come into play? Did you get into specifics about The Ooze and the other mesage board? What were the students thoughts in the matter?

  2. My classmates didn’t have much to say, but that’s mainly because I was the only one of the four presenting today to honor the fifteen-minute limit. (We were supposed to have ten minutes to discuss at the end; instead, we finished the last presentation five minutes after class ended.)

    The handout with the table basically broke down the differences between the boards. (I talked about the Ooze far more than I did about the CoFF.) The other handout was a basic breakdown of the points of my presentation. I started with the historical circumstances into which the Ooze oozed, then talked specifically about the Veronica Veil incident, then finished with an account of why it was best for me to leave.

    BTW, the Horowitz book didn’t come to UGA’s library today, but I am meeting with a student tomorrow, so I might be able to start writing on CRM about it as early as this weekend.

  3. i thought you had left. bummer. but glad you’ve joined the blog.

  4. I agree that it’s somewhat of a bummer. But as you’ve said, I think I’m doing better work here, on CRM, and on iwaiw. I’m also spending less time oozing and more time studying for comprehensive exams, and that’s good.

    I hate to be this way, but frankly, since I left at the end of September, I really haven’t missed it that much. And now that I’m a part of collaborative blogs with the folks with whom I had some of my best conversations anyway, I’m honestly not that disappointed that I’ve left the place to the liberals and the Doxies.

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