Your One-stop Crapula Shop

One nice thing about WordPress blogs is that the on board software does hit count and referring links automatically.  I’m proud to say that somebody today linked to my blog after searching for crapula.

This site is a universal crapula magnet.

I’m full of crapula!

This is too much fun…



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3 responses to “Your One-stop Crapula Shop

  1. I’m sitting in class… Reformation Church History class… my prof who is usually on task, is jabbering on about Russian history or something… so I was causally browsing some blogs, when I read this, it make me chuckle to myself and I felt really out of place in class because I was chuckling but no one else was…


  2. I thought you were going to say that your church history prof was talking about medieval vice theology and mentioned crapula. That would have been even cooler. 🙂

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