Out of the Ooze

The popular theology book to which I contributed an essay is now available for purchase. The other contributors, I’ve found, have far more hipness and rock star power than I have, but that’s not hard. Their blogs probably also get more readers. But enough of that. Click the link below to check out Out of the Ooze, a new collection of short essays on being the Church when the world is a confusing place.

Link to book

For the sake of clarity, by “Popular Theology” I mean that it’s not academic philosophy, not that lots of people like it.  The latter sense of “popular” is, I think, still up for grabs.



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5 responses to “Out of the Ooze

  1. Hey Nate, who are the other contributers to the book? I’m just curious.

  2. I just answered my own question. 🙂


    Also, is your article on the ooze or online some where? I don’t plan on reading the book but I would like to at least read your article and also Bob Hyatt’s.

  3. Man I had no idea you were writing on that scale. In a book and everything. I think thats great. I would love to write a book but lack the smarts for such things.

    So is it an emergent kind of thing?

  4. The book as a whole is, yes. My contribution was actually an online theology essay in 2006. When Spencer Burke wanted to produce a “greatest hits” book comprised of Ooze essays, he selected mine. I’ll admit that I’m honored to be among them. The link I gave to Jonathan above is the text of my essay.

    I’ve not yet received my courtesy copy, so I can’t vouch for the spiffiness of the printed volume yet. 🙂

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