The Long Trip

Well, now that everyone’s had some time to look at pictures, I’ll say that the trip was good, and I’m glad to have seen everyone, but I’m also glad to be home.

The car ride up to Indiana was not too bad; we were all excited to see family, and we were anticipating a good trip. Micah, when he wasn’t sleeping, was singing his ABC’s. Cute.

Our week in Indiana saw everyone in good health, and we got to visit Micah’s great-grandparents as well as the Indianapolis Children’s Museum and the Indianapolis Zoo. Ryan came in for the last couple days, and we had a good day at the park and some tortilla soup for supper.

Then came the ride over to Pennsylvania. Again, not too bad–anticipation and all. Micah still sang those ABC’s. Still cute.

We saw Mike and Susan and Mark and Kathy and all of the relevant nieces and nephews. Micah got a play in an entirely unsafe kiddie pool, and I dove and saved his little skull when (predictably) the flimsy plastic staircase up to the flimsy plastic slide buckled, sending him headfirst towards the concrete. Some scratches on his leg, but his skull didn’t hit concrete.

Then came the ride over to West Virginia. Micah slept most of the way. Not bad.

In WV we spent the week with Tom and Eleanor and the relevant nieces and nephew. We went to some fourth of July fireworks and fired some of our own. We ate something beef-centered each of the last four evenings.

Then came the ride back to Georgia. Micah had apparently had enough of the ABC’s and started yelling gibberish at the top of his lungs. Mary had nausea and headaches. I drove on like a soldier.

And now we’re back in Georgia!


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  1. J.Wizzle

    🙂 I’m glad that you had a good time.

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