Knowing Mine Enemy

I’ve just put a request in at the public library for a Milton Friedman book. It’s only a little 200-pager, so I figure I can use it as a break from Ben Jonson and John Donne and Augustine. I figure some smart people have considered themselves capitalists, so I might as well take a gander at one of the powerhouses. More when the book gets to Bogart.


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3 responses to “Knowing Mine Enemy

  1. J.Wizzle

    Hey Nate,
    I’m gonna try to read ‘Capitalism and Freedom’ some time this summer…if I get a chance. I’ll let ya know if I do so we can discuss it.

  2. Nathan P. Gilmour

    That’s the one I’ve requested as well. It’s a little feller, but it’s not here yet. Perhaps I’ll have it in hand some time next week.

  3. J.Wizzle

    Mine came in the mail. I’m going to try and finish this Oliver North book I’m reading and then I’ll start that.

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