I bought four dozen of ’em this morning, and my two freshman comp classes went through nearly all of them.

Thus ends a semester that, frankly, disappointed me. I don’t suppose every semester can be the best ever (life doesn’t go that way), but I feel like I didn’t give my best performance, and that’s disappointing after last semester went so well.

But that’s of no import now. I’ve got about ten of forty-five pages on three papers written, and May 7 is the deadline for two of ’em. Next week, I write.

I’ve also decided that rather than Debian, I’m going to try out Ubuntu Linux. It seems like a less labor-intensive jumping-off point into the world of open-source. Just as many hyphens, but I likely won’t drown.

And finally, I’ll be introduced this Sunday as Bogart Christian Church’s minister of education. I’ve already drawn up a proposal for a new kind of Sunday School program and given it to some of the folks in positions of authority. If I can carry that off, I ought to be on my way into a good thing.



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