Psalms and Pedagogy

We’re two days into the Psalms unit now, and classes are picking up fast. I don’t know whether I’ve just packed the first two papers too closely towards the semester’s beginning or whether my own classes are hindering my ability to expend energy on my teaching, but paper two’s revision meetings start next Friday, and I still don’t feel like I know my classes.

We’ve been close-reading thus far for parallelism (taught them some Lowth the first day) and sub-generic structure (lament, praise, didactic, etc.), then comparing them to 17th-century poems (Donne today). I’m hoping that writing this paper will give them enough poetry that they feel like they’ve been in a lit class, but frankly, I’m ready to get into David and Job. That’s where the really good conversations and the really fun classes get rolling.

My three classes really are going to put me under if I get behind at all; I’ve been proactive and early-starting thus far; I’ve just got to make sure that I don’t make it out of spring break without some pages written on my final papers. I’m almost certain at this point that I’m going to stop attending Latin in April to focus solely on term papers. I can pick up those Wheelock chapters and get ready to roll on LATN 2001 in the summer.



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6 responses to “Psalms and Pedagogy

  1. Jeff Wright

    Sounds like a great class, Nate. I’d like to deepen my understanding of Literature in general. I know that’s a huge area but do have a good primer-type of book that you could recommend? Maybe one with a more general focus and one with Scripture specifically in mind. I know I can dig around and find some resources but I was wondering what you might recommend. Thanks. Have a good weekend, bro. Shoot me an email, if you will, in case I forget to check back here. pursuing_truth [no spam]

  2. Nathan P. Gilmour

    Will do. Email commencing.

  3. J.Wizzle

    Don’t do it, Nate. If he’s too busy to Ooze then he’s too busy to read up on literature and stuff!!! 😛

  4. Jeff Wright

    Don’t do it, Nate. If he’s too busy to Ooze then he’s too busy to read up on literature and stuff!!! 😛

    Too late!

  5. Jeff Wright

    Thanks for the advice, by the way. I think I replied to thank you but in case I didn’t, thanks.

  6. Nathan P. Gilmour

    Glad to help, man. Let me know when you’ve had a chance to look at some of what I suggested.

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