Hoppin’ Hegel, Batman!

I knew that next semester was going to be rough, but my professor for Hegelian and post-Hegelian literary theory just posted his reading list along with a Darth Vaderesque warning about the reading load. Yeesh!

I just ordered Eagleton’s book for an early January brush-up (hopefully it’ll show up while I’m out of town) and the Hegel tome to get cookin’ over that. Fitzner told me this professor is a good one; I just hope my tail holds out.

All of a sudden translating two hundred lines of Beowulf a week started looking like the easy part of my semester…



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2 responses to “Hoppin’ Hegel, Batman!

  1. forestwalker

    Wow! Well at least its the Spring Semester and you have week 10.

  2. Nathan P. Gilmour

    True enough. If you look back now, there’s a red-text warning that anyone who misses the first night is automatically out of the class. I hope my son doesn’t get sick…

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