Pinochet Dead

Mixed Reaction to Pinochet’s Death

Another of the Cold War’s monsters now faces divine judgment. May his years as dictator of Chile serve as a warning to empires–God knows with whom you ally.

School of the Americas Watch



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4 responses to “Pinochet Dead

  1. Jim

    Ah man… we are planning to head out to PA on the 19th and we won’t be back until the 30th. That totally stinks! I would really love to see the little guy. But maybe we’ll get to hook up at some point.

  2. Nathan P. Gilmour

    Not exactly a comment on Pinochet, Slim. 😛

  3. J.Wizzle

    Nate, please stop putting up links to Commie websites! 😉 j/k

    That Library Thing is pretty cool. I put one up on my blog, too.

  4. Nathan P. Gilmour

    Don’t worry, Wizzle–where Pinochet’s going, he’s not going to be disappearing me any time soon. 😉

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