The sermon went well yesterday, and in the process of researching for it, I ran into one of the most fun vice-words I’ve ever seen, the Latin crapula.

My Latin class ends tomorrow (exempt from the final), and my students upload their portfolios tomorrow evening. Friday is the Old English exam, but that shouldn’t be too much of a problem since I’ve got Thursday completely off. I’ve got a genuinely good head of steam on my Spenser paper, and if I play my cards right I might just get it turned in this weekend.

I know the last few entries have been grocery lists, most containing the same items, but my grad student readers know that such lists, and the gradual deterioration of such lists, keep us going in these closing days of the semester.



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2 responses to “Crapula

  1. Jim Clark

    So… did you use the word “Crapula” in your sermon? You said that it turned up in the research… but did you bust it out in the sermon itself…

  2. Nathan P. Gilmour

    Of course I did–how could I not? I told the congregation that Jesus warns in Luke 21 against ebrietate and crapula and then proceeded to tell them that they could use that word next time a coworker misses work. They ate it up.

    Then I tried to wrap up the sermon with an exhortation not to “crap out.” Not so much eating up. I came up with an improvised tag ending, went into the invitation hymn, and decided not to end sermons with crap jokes any more. Begin, maybe. Not end.

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