Gearing up for Final Paper

For the first semester in a long time, I’m only going to be working on one paper during the home stretch, and I’ve already got that half-written. I’m going to try to force myself through a Marxist history of early-modern pre-capital and use it in my analysis (just to pacify the professor), but I’m mainly going to be focusing on the virtue of temperance in Platonic and Aristotelian molds, the permutations that happen in Calvin’s Institutes, and how money fits into those ethical systems in into Guyon’s encounter with Mammon in book 2 of Faerie Queene. Undoubtedly my take will be a hair “conservative” for folks with (what I call) faddish tastes, but I’m to the point now that “conservative” (still not sure what that means) just has to be the way I do things. I’m good at it.

Mary’s father and uncle are coming in tonight and leaving tomorrow for Mississippi. That’ll cut off my access to a fair chunk of the house, but one morning won’t kill me or Micah. The house is pretty much ready for company, and I know Mary is looking forward to seeing people.


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  1. Anonymous

    Good luck Nate!


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