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Walk the Line

My brother Ryan was right: this was basically Ray with white people. Joaquin Phoenix (the hardest-to-spell actor that I can think of at the moment) looks more like Elvis than the actor who plays Elvis in the movie, and he lacks Cash’s rumbling voice, but the film was a good one. It has the predictable etiological tales before each song’s recording, the reunion with lifelong love at the end, and the text screens with cities and dates in the middle. Not a bad movie; its main fault is that it came out after Ray rather than before.

Rumor Has It

This one wasn’t nearly as good. Standard Wizard-of-Oz-chick-flick plot–girl runs off to exciting, rich, potentially origin-demystifying older man, realizes that all she ever wanted was at home with her more conventional attorney boyfriend, returns, marries. Game over. The running pop culture reference to The Graduate didn’t really do much work. Blah.

I was hoping to have a review ready for Dr. Strangelove, but as things happened, I mistakenly requested the special features bonus disc instead of the movie. Ah, well. Nuclear war will have to wait.


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