Abstract Done

Sure I’ve got more work to do, but my abstract for April’s Shakespeare and Pop Culture panel is done, so I’ll blog.

Last weekend Mary and Micah and I took a trip back to Johnson City that turned out more bittersweet than I expected. It was good to see folks at ESR and Milligan and West Main and in the area in general, but for the first time, Johnson City did not feel like home. I came to realize that I’ve become more a part of Georgia than I am a part of Tennessee, and that pill was a bit hard to swallow. On the other hand, I had my first real homecoming to the Athens area Sunday evening.

I’ve been listening to Clark Pinnock’s recent lectures at ESR, and I’m glad I didn’t give up after his first two lackluster lectures. Number three showed improvement, and the final lecture was phenomenal. I’ve never read any of his books, but his history of and vision for the loose coalition called evangelical gives me new energy in my own academic and ecclesial pursuits, and I’ve got some new thoughts to digest with regards to my own Bible teaching. I might blog about this later.

Mary and I also made a Mr. K’s run on this trip, and I’ve been enjoying Allen Mandelbaum’s translation of The Aeneid that I picked up. To think that I’ve got a favorite translator of Latin texts is amusing; I suppose I’m getting closer and closer to becoming a real live academic.

I hope that this post will signal a pickup in my old blogging habits; reading back on my EC-era blog, I’d like to be able to reproduce some of that energy here. Here’s hoping.


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