Micah with Colts Bear, getting his yell ready for football season


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  1. Brad Warfield

    Giving up on the Cubs already? I’m waiting to see the Boilermaker bear.

  2. Nathan P. Gilmour

    I think the Cubs gave up a while ago. And remember, I’m a Bulldog now!

  3. FDR

    Hey! My baby can beat up your baby! Go Bills! 😉

    Seriously, cute kid….must take after his mother…..

    OK, can’t be serious today….

  4. J.Wizzle

    Hey, Nate, you must feel silly for teasing me for being a Phils fan, huh? 🙂 j/k

  5. Nathan P. Gilmour

    Hey, I’ve been pulling for the Colts since the Purgatory days of Jeff George (spit!). I think that when Peyton Manning wins Indy a championship (might be this year, might not–Elway was nearly forty when he finally did it), it will be a day of vindication for all of us patient, “loud ‘n proud” Colts fans.

    And don’t even get me started on the Cubs!

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