Back from the Road

It doesn’t seem like a week since we’ve been back in Georgia–the month of July just flew. Micah will be five months old in just over a week, and Mary and I will be back in our classrooms.

On the reading front, I’ve got about fifteen cantos of Dante and a chapter of N.T. Wright I’d like to dust off before I go all-Shakespeare for a few months. On the other hand, I have yet to get digging on the new freshman comp textbook–I’ve got ideas about what I’d like to do with that class this year, but nothing saved yet.

The nice thing is that I’ve got a laptop now (typing on it right now), so I’ll be able to work on those things in places other than my own computer desk and the assigned computer labs around UGA’s campus. I’m still getting used to the smaller keyboard and haven’t yet broken out the little mouse I bought with it, but the mobility should be just wonderful.

I’ll probably wait until I finish one or the other book to start commenting again; for each I’ve got some things in mind to write but haven’t yet solidified them.


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