No Job, No Brakes

I had one of my anxiety dreams last night. Mary and I were sitting in our car overlooking some kind of parade when Cynthia from the library came walking along. Suddenly I realized that I was supposed to be at the library an hour and a half ago to sub for her. She told me that no patrons had come yet, as far as she knew, but that I was actually supposed to be at a much larger library, and there were seven people waiting for me to show up. With this prompting on the brain, I started the car and threw it in reverse. Lacking the power to move backwards, we began rolling forward towards a thirty-foot drop off into the parade route below. I stomped the brakes but got nothing. So I floored the gas in reverse, hoping to save the car. All that happened was a spinning of the front wheels and a plunge as the car began to fall. I woke up in a cold sweat at 3:30 this morning as the car hit the bottom. Not being one afraid to continue such dreams, I made a pit stop and came back to bed and dreamed about being a defensive end for the Indianapolis Colts.

Most of my free time has been wrapped up in planning for next semester’s classes, so I still haven’t finished Barth. I have, however, decided that the speech class is going to move in a workshop-speech-workshop-speech manner, each Monday being concerned with some teaching of theory and then some time for students to consult with me. Wednesday will begin with speeches and end with whatever teaching I have time left for. I’m not sure whether I have to give a final, but I’ll try to avoid that if I can.

Micah has been as active as ever, and we’ve got less than three months’ time until he’s due. I’ve felt like a father for some time already, and I’m ready to try my hand at it in the trenches. March 11, here I come!

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