A Voice Crying

No dream recollections from last night; I believe I was just too tired.

Barth’s Dogmatics in Outline is almost finished, and I know now why he’s such a compelling figure in theology. I also wonder whether I could sustain reading through twenty volumes of his intense prose. On the other hand, he’s given my little book a jump start; I started making notes on a chapter for the first time since October yesterday. I don’t know whether I’ll have the thing rolling by the time Micah arrives, but it’ll at least be something that I can tool around with as the months and years pass.

I think I’ll try out Robert Macafee Brown’s book next–it’s also a compact-sized, hundred-and-some-pager. And in the meantime, I’ve got chapters of Marva Dawn’s book to read. Taking it on with a group has proved rewarding; since I’ve got the strongest cultural conservative/aesthetic elitist tendencies in the group, it’s interesting to have to take Dawn’s side in matters of church art, pop culture, and such. I think it’ll be an interesting read down the road just for that reason, even if for no other.

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