Way too much Caffeine

In my dream last night (you thought I’d stopped this blogging thing, didn’t you?), I was tired, so I found a can of cola to drink. Unfortunately, it was a can of high-octane Jolt Max (I’m not sure whether they actually make such a drink). The result of my ingesting the drink was that I became able to shift up to eight days forward or eight days backward due to the caffeine overdose. Being in a dream, I didn’t think to do the obvious sports-betting thing; instead, I was just overcome with anxiety as my life became a sort of digital cable menu, each of seventeen days being just as much an option as any other. Spooky.

Barth is coming along nicely, but I fear that I’m soon going to be overwhelmed with work and nearly unable to finish. I might be teaching as many as four courses with three preps over there next semester, and I’m not sure what’s happening as far as textbooks or syllabi go. So I might be in a dead scramble by the time I next enter something on the blog. Or maybe not.


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