Marlowe, Wrestlemania, and Derivative Calculus

Okay, last night’s dream was so bizarre that I can’t even begin to interpret it. I was a student on a college campus built on a series of terraces on a steep hill. To get from a high point to a low point, there were no stairs, so everyone, from eighteen-year-old students to sixty-year-old professors, would put one foot on the steep slope between two terraces, lift the other one off the ground, and slide down the slope, taking a short hop at the bottom and continuing on his or her way. And I don’t remember having to re-ascend the slope.

I was on my way to a psychology exam for a class taught by Dr. Teague, who taught Renaissance Drama when I was doing my MA in English. And Brad Warfield, a friend from college and seminary, was there in the class with us. To study for the test, we had been watching old Wrestlemania tapes, the ones featuring Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant. And before I entered the classroom, Dr. Teague was sure to ask me whether I’d been studying my WWF tapes. But when I sat down, the first three pages were full of problems in which I had to give the derivative of various calculus… things (can’t even remember the terminology, much less how to do them). I woke up feeling betrayed by the world and by the college system.

Speaking of college systems, I’ve got an interview Tuesday morning for a possible spot teaching English at Emmanuel College for a semester. I’m quite excited, really. While I don’t hate substitute teaching, I’d much prefer being in charge of my own classroom and teaching my own class. Mary has said that it would be alright so long as it’s not a money-losing proposition. Cool.

I played Madden instead of reading philosophy yesterday, so no interesting notes from books. But I traded a tight end and a draft pick for a hot shot rookie defensive lineman, and the Colts defense that was porous in the first two games picked off three Tom Brady passes in week three, taking the already invincible Colts offense to a 30-point rout of the once-mighty Superbowl champs. But today, I’ve got Nietzsche and Barth with me, and they’ll be traveling along with me to Appalachee High this morning. I hope I’ve got third or fourth period planning–it seems like every other class I sub for has second period, the positive worst time to have planning. Oh well. Have to see when I get there.



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2 responses to “Marlowe, Wrestlemania, and Derivative Calculus

  1. imatt!

    glad to know i’m not the only one that’s spent some time sacrificing learning for the cause of video games, though i’m pretty sure playing the new grand theft auto game that my roommate bought made me not only dumber, but more evil.

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