Lawsuit Baseball

I dreamed last night that I was playing third base on some kind of baseball team. The thing is, the batter was in a horserace-style gate that would open just before the pitcher delivered. Beyond that, I fielded a couple choppers down the line, but when I threw the runners out, after the first one the other team started threatening lawsuits. And after the second one, my own team started threatening lawsuits! Come on, guys… I was just playing the game!

I finished Torture and Eucharist this weekend, and my review is on I suppose Wes Arblaster is working at a church, so in theory it should be possible for me to land something, but I fear that questions are going to come up, and I’m going to have to choose between another year of unemployment and selling out what I believe. I suppose those fears won’t come to a head until I’m in my first interview.



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3 responses to “Lawsuit Baseball

  1. imatt!

    lawsuits in baseball… couldn’t make the game much more long and drawn out than it already is…

  2. Nathan P. Gilmour

    Don’t be blasphemin’!

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