Another buggered election

When I went to sleep last night, they were just beginning their all-night marathon. This morning, it looks like like Pennsylvania went Kerry, Florida went Bush, and Ohio is going to be the new legal battleground. Unless one believes Fox News, which has Ohio already in the Bush column. I suppose Fox News, if nothing else, was an accurate predictor of the 2000 Florida results.

More importantly, the anti-gay amendment passed in Georgia yesterday. The courts are already challenging it, but I don’t anticipate any great overturnings. I only know a handful of gay Georgians, but my instincts tell me that this could well cause an exodus from “red” states into “blue” states over the next few years. What it will do economically and culturally, I can only speculate. But I wonder what sort of neighbors the Georgia Protestants are being seen as right now.

Mary had the day off yesterday, and I was sick part of the day, so I didn’t get a ton of reading done. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll be able to say more about what we Christians can do to oppose the state.

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