Emergence and Krispy Kreme

The strangest dream… I was vacationing in a city (can’t remember which) with my wife and my parents. The last morning, a Sunday, came, and I decided that I’d go grab some breakfast before we had to go to church (for whatever reason, I was teaching Sunday school). But as I wandered the streets, I came to realize that I had no idea where I was going. I happened upon what looked like a ferry terminal for crossing the river (the city did have quite a big river), and hundreds of teenagers were pouring into it while booming bass, sounding vaguely like dance music, poured out. It was six o’clock on a Sunday morning. After backtracking a bit, I found what appeared to be a mall food court, and I ate a Krispy Kreme before finding my way back to the hotel. Then we went to the church, “The First Emerging Church” as the sign would have it, and I taught something about Isaiah.

Didn’t do any more reading on Cavanaugh yesterday, though I did get ahold of a copy of America: The Book from the public library. Funny stuff, but as is often the case, too much non-mother-friendly stuff for many in my circle. I think Ryan is full of crap on this one, as he often is: one of the vices of certain comedians, according to Ryan, is that they don’t offend anyone. I say that just makes them accessible. Snobbery, I’ve come to think, is at least part of the drive to riddle comedy with obscenity.


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