Too Many Footnotes

Hauerwas’s book is good, but every page is about half text and half footnotes. I suppose I should expect that from a book based on a lecture series, but it’s slow going nonetheless. In Paradise Lost I’m up to book eight, where Raphael tells Adam that astronomy is a noble profession but always subject to revision. Or at least that’s how I read it.

Can’t remember precisely what I dreamed about last night, but I do know that Mary decided to start anew the fight against canine tyranny. When I started to get up to take the dog out, she told me not to and just yelled at the dog to “go lay down.” Sabrina did not go outside between ten o’clock last night and five thirty this morning–I suppose Mary wins round one.

Now that I know the context behind “I voted for the money before I voted against it,” I’ve actually gained a degree of respect for Mr. Kerry. My hunch is that most people aren’t going to look it up, so Karl Rove’s gambit will likely work. By the time the election rolls around, my hunch is that ninety percent of Americans will be familiar with the one-liner but will have no idea that Kerry was trying to push for some responsible policy by voting for one but not the other of two Iraq funding bills. Oh well.



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