Deadline Today

I can’t remember what exactly I dreamed about, but I know it involved Sabrina’s behaving herself in an animal hospital, so I should have known it wasn’t real.

I haven’t covered any more ground in Paradise Lost, but I did pick up Hauerwas’s With the Grain of the Universe where I left off, and I finished the William James section and started the Reinhold Niebuhr section. I think I’ll try to knock that one out as my next theology book.

Today’s the application deadline for the library job in Lawrenceville; I hope not too many people applied. I hope even more that nobody super-qualified applied. I suppose we’ll see how this pans out over the next few days.

Another short one, I know. I don’t suppose I’ve quite recovered from sleeping in this weekend. I’m hoping I’ll have some good stuff to talk about tomorrow.


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