First Day

In about two hours, my first day of substitute teaching commences. I’m still eagerly anticipating any word about the library tech support job over in Gwinnett, but nonetheless, today I actually start contributing to the family money situation again.

Abdiel’s story in Paradise Lost always seems both too long and too short. Too long because by the time he makes his speeches against Satan, returns to Heaven, makes speeches there, makes speeches against Satan again before the heavenly war commences, and deals the first blow to Satan, I get the feeling that he’s too minor a character to warrant such attention (though I know why Milton did so). Too short because I know why Milton makes him so important, and some more treatment would highlight further that importance. I’m up to the beginning of book seven, halfway through the epic, and I’m enjoying it more than ever.

No political or medical updates today. I’ve been turning over in my head a manifesto of sorts dealing with the double-standards that teachers and doctors live in, but that can wait. The dog has to pee, after all, and the look she’s giving me tells me that this pee stop has cosmic implications that should not be ignored by any mere mortal (she gets that look two or three times a day).


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