The Void

I had perhaps the creepiest kind of dream last night, namely the empty set. I closed my eyes not long after ten thirty. I opened them, and it was five thirty. I’ve read that such voids are illusory, that my dreaming brain just created a facsimile of my last waking hours, but even that’s a little weird, I think.

I’m in the process of applying for a school tech support job, and I’m as nervous as can be. If I should land it, it would mean that Mary and I would have sufficient money not only to make it through her pregnancy but probably to get ahead while she’s pregnant. If I don’t, no big changes, save that I’ll probably be quitting the library come January. Of course, if I do get the job, I’ll probably be quitting anyway, but that’s a separate issue.

Paradise Lost still has not disappointed. The text is so complex, so open yet so compelling, that it feels like I’m reading something new even as I go over familiar passages. Very cool. Anyway, I have to write a cover letter.


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